duo Gproject, has been honing their craft and delivering high-energy psytrance anthems that are garnering the attention of fellow producers and fans around the world.

Their passion and energy flow through every release, as the duo, create high-energy productions fitting both underground clubs and mainstage festival sets.
Consisting of Liron and Roy Gindi, the married couple’s shared love for each other extends into their music and the electronic dance community A life full of moments, obligates us to listen, inhale, reach and explore each and every one of them, as if tomorrow never comes.
The art of music allows us to catch those moments and enrich our imagination, in a way that once, we could have only dreamed of.
Gproject is proud to stand tall at the forefront of art and to build you a home full of dreams ,moments and freedom of sound and colors.
set of G Project:

G Project delivers a first, fresh and sexy perspective that combines the under, with the upper, the underground and the upper hand of every hip loft in central Manhattan.

From Miami to Ibiza, house music takes us all to a unique spiritual grounds and elevates us to feel free of any obligation and dance, live and open the gates to our inner-jungle.
In a set of Gproject: Gproject is a combination of a musical chef and a story writer of the sound of freedom.
telling the tail of dance music in sets that simply take you higher and farther away…
we bring high-energy brand of Psytrance to speakers and stages everywhere.

We invite you to join us – & open the MF doors to you inner-jungle.